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Frequently Asked Questions

RF denotes Radio Frequency. The Secret RF machine uses RF to clear stretch marks.

One can see major changes post the first session itself. However, one would require 4-8 sessions spaced at a gap of 1 month apart for complete fading of stretch marks

Yes, Secret RF stretch marks treatment is absolutely safe at Oliva Clinics. The stringent protocols, USFDA approved equipment and expertise of the cosmetic dermatologists make the treatment absolutely safe.

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The Significant Advantages

No linear scar – wear your hair short without being self-conscious.

Less recovery time and fewer restrictions on activities after treatment.

No sutures required. Performed under local anesthetic. Drive home after.

Your own real, natural hair.

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Alicia Green

“ Shayas Clinic was a good choice. I can’t praise the clinic enough for the professional and friendly care they provided throughout my treatment.”

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